TIECLIL - Translanguage in Europe - Content and Language Integrated Learning



Get Acrobat reader Newsletter - Parents' Book: Introduction to CLIL for Parents and Young People

-          Products of the first year (1998-99):

· A book: Implementing Content and Language Integrated Learning, a research driven foundation course reader for the training programme.

· A CD Rom for internal use containing the five training modules and other materials produced in year one.

· A newsletter published once a year.

· A website in five languages: www.tieclil.org

-          Products of the second year (1999-2000):

· The Italian translation of the book: Implementing Content and language Integrated Learning - Apprendimento integrato di lingua e contenuti: proposte di realizzazione. Corso di base per la sperimentazione TIE-CLIL. The printing of the book has been implemented thanks to the financial support of Direzione Regionale per la Lombardia.

· A CD ROM for internal use containing the second version of the five modules.

· The translation of the five modules into Italian.

· Parents' guidelines available in 10 languages: Using languages to learn and learning to use languages. An introduction to CLIL for parents and young people.

· The first draft of Teachers' guidelines (to be translated in 5 languages)

· The updating of the web site.

· The second newsletter.

-          Products and outcomes of the third year (2000-2001):

· Extension of the network of training institutions and schools.

· TIE-CLIL modules trialling in Lingua B/Comenius 2 courses.

· Co-operation with similar projects.

· Five books with the modules in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German and a cd-rom with the five modules.

· The printing of the book Teachers' guidelines in five languages.



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