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(Primary school)
The web site is in English.

In this web site you will find a "mainstream approach" to PMFL (Primary Modern foreign languages).

· Invicta media is a not -for -profit company whose proceeds are re-invested for the benefit of promoting understanding in Europe, by using the potential of ICT (information and communication technique ) to help young people enjoy learning languages, encourage them to be open , to experience other culture or to explore our common history and environment.

· Early starting languages has the aim to support early language learning in England and Wales .

The objectives are :
-provide advice and support for institutions involved, considering the provisions of MFL learning
-offer greater support and coherence for existing initiatives
-support networks for sharing experience
-establish a basis for future developments

The outcomes will be:
-to create a high quality curriculum for teachers
-a network for practitioners
-review and coordination of training for teachers of MFL in the primary sector.

Early starting languages produces video-packs in three languages :French, English and German .


Ilsa Rowe
Producer and Project Coordinator
Early Start Languages
Invicta Media Productions Ltd
Dover CTI70GN
United Kingdom
Tel-fax: +44 1304 826040
E-mail: ilsa@invmed.demon.co.uk



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