TIECLIL - Translanguage in Europe - Content and Language Integrated Learning


Title of event




September - November 2000, Teacher Trainers work on TIECLIL modules (7 meetings)

IT Milan

September - November 2000, 5 schools experiment CLIL modules (20 hours each) from Subjects Project (Lingua D) coordinated by Direzione Regionale per la Lombardia

IT Milan, Como, Pavia (Lombardia)

September 4-5 2000, Seminar and Workshop for trainers on European projects and TIE-CLIL

IT Bolzano

(Alto Adige)

September 18, 2000 International Seminar on language innovations

IT Trento


-September 13 2000, Trainers meeting

FR Nancy

Sept 20-21 2000, Training course for teachers

FI Helsinki

Oct 2, 2000, Conference on CLIL for teachers

IT Milan

Oct 9 - 22 , 2000 Course for teachers of English and other subjects

UK Bristol

Oct 18, 2000 National conference on language innovations University of Sassari

IT Sassari (Sardiania)

Oct 19, 2000 Workshop on CLIL for teachers

IT Olbia


Oct 23, 2000 Radio interview- radiocom

ES Barcelona

Oct 31 2000, Conference on language learning

FI Vaasa

Nov 7 -8, 2000 National Conference on European Projects dissemination and exhibition of TIE-CLIL products

IT Rome

Nov 8, 2000 National meeting of Inspectors of Foreign Languages

IT Fiuggi (Lazio)

Nov 8 2000, Trainers meeting

FR Nancy

Nov 15-17, Conference on CLIL

FR Paris

Nov 23, 2000, Trainers meeting

FR Nancy

Nov 23, 2000 Conference on European projects and TIE-CLIL

IT Milan

Nov 25, 2000 Conference and exhibition of TIE-CLIL products in European Project Fair for Young people

IT Milan

Dec 6, 2000 Seminar on CLIL situation in Sweden

SE Kristanstad

Dec 12, 2000 Seminar for teachers on CLIL Universiiy of Salerno

IT Naples



Jan 8 2001, Meeting for Directors


FR Nancy

Jan 15 2001, Meeting for Inspectors of language

FR Nancy

Jan 25 2001, Meeting languages Commission + Brazilian trainers meeting

FR Nancy

Jan 27 2001, Seminar on adult education + exhibition

FI Turku

Jan 27 2001, Plenary/Conference on CLIL

FI Turku

Jan 30 2001, Training event documentation

FR Paris Sèvres

Feb 8, 2001 International Seminar on European projects

IT Rome

Feb 9, 2001 Workshop on CLIL for teachers

IT Sassari (Sardinia)

Feb 17, 2001 LEND Association Language Teachers' Conference, University of Rome

IT Rome (Lazio)

Feb 21, 2001 Conference for German trainers

FR Nancy

Feb 28, 2001 International Conference on CLIL

IT Turin (Piemonte)

March 7, 2001 International Conference

SP Alzira (Valencia)

March 2001, Training event

AT Innsbruck

March 2 2001, Meeting for Polish trainers

FR Nancy

March 12, 2001 Regional Seminar on language innovations

IT Genova (Liguria)

March 16, 2001 Regional Seminar on EYL

IT Milan (Italy)

March 17, 2001 British Council Conference, Venice

IT Venice (Veneto)

March 24 2001, National language teaching conference

SE Gawle

March 26-29 2001, TIE-CLIL Training course for teacher trainers from different regions

IT Como (Lombardia)

March 30 2001, Seminar : CLIL for French

FI Helsinki

March 2001 Conference for parents and teachers

ES Barcelona

April 2001, Conference on CLIL

AT Rosenheim

April 18 - 19, 2001 National Board for school reform, briefing

IT Fiuggi (Lazio)

April 19-20 2001, National language teacher meeting, briefing

FI Helsinki

April 24, 2001 International Conference

IT Lodi (Lombardia)

April 26, 2001 International Conference (CLIL and Music)

IT Lecce (Puglia)

April 27, 2001 Workshop on CLIL

IT Bari (Puglia)

May 2001, ORATOR project final conference


May 3 and 4, 2001 Workshop on CLIL

IT Catania (Sicily)

May 3 2001, National board of education

FI Helsinki

May 11 2001, Conference : Le lingue straniere come veicolo di apprendimento nelle scuole


IT Pavia

June 7-8 2001, Education meeting, Baltic countries

FI Tallin

June 15 2001, Lingua dissemination meeting for language trainers and inspectors

FR Nancy

June 2001, Summer school of UPV : Trilingualism in Europe

ES S. Sebastian

July 4-7 2001, Université d'été

FR Nancy


July 2001, Summer school of UPV, CLIL conference


ES S.Sebastian

August 2-3 2001 Strategy meeting SUKOL/EYL

FI Helsinki

September 01 2001, setting up of two research groups ( A- teacher talk B- CLIL competencies)

FR Nancy


Oct-Dec 2001, seminars for Content and foreign language teachers

IT Milano

Nov 25, 2001 Conference and exhibition of TIE-CLIL products in European Project Fair for Young people


IT Milan


International conference on Trilingualism organized by Frigkian Academy


Autumn Conference talk: The Catalan experience of teaching science and P.E. through English and French

ES Basque Country

Autumn Conference talk: Third language in compulsory education in CLIL

ES Basque Country

Autumn Conference talk: Why AICLE/CLIL

ES Basque Country

Sept 26, 2001 National Italian event EYL

IT Perugia

Oct 5, 2001 Regional Conference on CLIL


IT Bologna

Oct 19, 2001 Videoconferencing at SMAU international fair + exhibition


IT Milan

Oct 30-31, 2001 Conference on Language innovations and trainers' workshop

IT Milan

Nov 7, 2001 RAI "Mosaico serial n. 45" TELEVISION PROGRAMME


IT Naples

Nov 13, 2001 FARESCUOLA SOLE 24ORE Conference


IT Milano


Nov 15 - 18, 2001 European Commission Event


NL Rotterdam

Feb 28, 2002 British Council International Conference


IT Florence


Title of events in the Czech Republic

Training event for teachers - Nymburk 13.12.2000 + 10.1.2001


Training event for teachers - Most 7.3.2001


Training event for teachers - Mladá Boleslav 16.5.2001


Workshop on CLIL- Havlíčkův Brod 1.11.2000


Workshop on CLIL- Plzeň 23.2.2001


Conference for teachers - Praha 8. - 9.2.2001


Trainers meeting - Praha 4.1.2001


Workshop on CLIL for future teachers - Olomouc 26.4.2001


National meetings on European projects - Praha 19.4. + 11.5.2001

National seminar for teachers - Hradec Králové 15.11.2001


Pre-service teacher training certified course CLIL running since the Summer semester 1999/2000, 28 hours per semester, Praha, Charles University


Pre-service CLIL teaching practice, Winter semester 2000/2001, 2 weeks, Praha, Charles University


Pre-service lecture as part of a course in TEFL methodology, 3 hours, Praha, Charles University




Courses and training events

Barcelona, Nov 2000 Applied linguistic course for undergraduate students (SLA for CLIL electronic dossiers)

Bristol Oct 9 - 22, 2000 LINGUA B Course

Nancy-Metz, Oct-Nov 2000 Training course

Milan, Oct- Nov 2000 Training course for trainers

Barcelona, Nov 2000, Applied linguistic course for undergraduate students

Milan, Jan- March 2001 Regional Training course for teachers (Partial trialling of modules 1 and 4)


Como, 26-29 March 2001, TIE-CLIL Interregional Training course for teacher trainers from different regions (Partial trialling of modules 1 and 4)


Milan, March 30 - 31, 2001 International Working Seminar with Lingua D Subject Projects from San Sebastian

Salzburg, Jan- July 2001 Training course (Module 5)

Salzburg, April-may 2001 Training course (Module 5)

Nancy, 14-20 June 2001 Modules on CLIL for future teachers

Salzburg, Summer school for Primary school teachers

Milan, Autumn 2001 training courses for teachers and trainers

Nancy, Autumn- Spring 2001/02 Training course for CLIL teachers in English

Nancy, Autumn 2001 Development of database "EURODNL" in English

Barcelona Electronic materials - Exercises, tasks for undergraduate students

Barcelona Review International discussion list such as the linguist list, SLART



Radio interview- radiocom. October 2000


Website eurodnl

Website www.morzg.at

Website www.tieclil.org

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